About Us

… Leading International Publishing and Media House

...Leading International Publishing and Media House

We are a publishing company with our headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, which is in Africa. We are made up of various professional teams who have come together with the sole purpose of assisting you in becoming an international best-selling author by creating outstanding books and novels that are uniquely yours. Our company motto, “Your words into Success Stories,” is based on this collaboration.

We make it our mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible. Through YPN Publishing & Media, people are given the opportunity to share their stories and are assisted in creating opportunities for themselves.

Our vision as publishers is to empower and amplify diverse voices, promote critical thinking, and inspire positive change through the written word. We strive to create a platform for underrepresented authors and perspectives while also providing readers with thought-provoking and engaging content. 

Our values as publishers include promoting diverse voices, providing high-quality content, and ensuring that our authors have a positive publishing experience. Our values as publishers include a commitment to quality, diversity, and accessibility. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to share their voice and have their story heard.

How We Polish Your Voice



We will give your book the best interior design possible, one that complements it and attracts readers.


Promotional Design

We will create promotional e-flyers for you to use across multiple platforms.


Creative Designs and Mockups for Publicity

You will obtain three-dimensional representations of your book in order to spread the word about it.


Ebook conversion

We'll take your manuscript and turn it into a beautiful epub and PDF file.


What They Say

We value every customer and provide them with a custom-made service as per their budget. Let’s have a look they say about us!