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YPN Media will make content about your business and put it on our large network of trustworthy news sites.In addition to the NBC, FOX, and CBS networks, there are over a hundred more! Which leads to what? Guaranteed distribution to official NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliates (with the ability to use the “As Seen On” badge as proof of publication; HUGE social proof; a quick and simple increase in conversions; and much more are just a few of the benefits of this service. We are now conducting a special concession promotion for a ONE-TIME PAYMENT for the rest of THIS MONTH ONLY. Once you’ve paid the one-time fee, you may always reference “As Seen On” in your published work. Get Your One-Time-Only Discounted Deal.

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Press Release Writing by Professional Writers.

Our Press release writing services provide businesses with a professional press release drafting solution for all types of content. With this service, your press release is researched, written, and edited by a group of copywriters and senior editors.

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 Utilizing our intuitive, cloud-based platform, which is located in the cloud, you can disseminate your news to both traditional and digital media outlets. YPN Media is the industry leader when it comes to providing businesses who are trying to boost their visibility with press release distribution services.

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Choose YPN Publisher as your publishing partner, and experience the quality, professionalism, and support that we bring to every project. With our experience, commitment to quality, and focus on building strong relationships with our authors, we’re confident that we can help you achieve your publishing goals.


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